Parent Monitors

Every family is required to complete 3 Parents Monitoring duties per school year. Please register HERE for 3 Saturdays. If you miss your duty, there is a $100 fine for EACH missed duty. If you need to switch your slot, it is your responsibility to find a substitute and let me know. Volunteers are welcome. Thank you! Every family MUST register until October 1st ( there is a $50 fine after this deadline).
Let's protect your own and every student in the school.
- Rita Lapšienė

9/22/2018 Lina Kalonkin, Inga Urbonaite, Sigita Bartuseviciene, Jurgita Oliveira
9/29/2018 Inga Urbonaite, Nomeda Girnius, Sigita Bartusevicius, Ieva Grem
10/13/2018 Inga Urbonaite, Tadas Dilba, Nomeda Girnius, Ieva Grem
10/20/2018 Sigita Bartusevicius, Ieva Grem, Jurgita Baltaduonis, Apolinaras Sinkevicius
10/27/2018 Tadas Dilba, Nomeda Girnius, Renata Zelenchuk, Lina Kalonkin, Jurgita Baltaduonis
11/03/2018 Rasa Auskalnyte, Gida Zikas-Bernard, Vilma Giniotas, Natalija Tribulauskiene
11/10/2018 Tadas Dilba, Jurgita Baltaduonis, Apolinaras Sinkevicius, Raymond Kirk