Announcement - September 11, 2021

vaikas guli

Dear students, teachers, and parents, 
Welcome back to the Boston Lithuanian School, after nearly a year and a half of online learning. We will follow recommendations from taisyklių ir MA EDSE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) and are excited to see all new and returning families. Let's us all have a safe and meaningful school year!

First day of school - September 18 th. Please arrive by 10 am, Egle and her helpers will assist you with parking. Course of the day, approximately: 

  • 10:00 - Official beginning, please all wear masks. Meet staff and teachers, including our new librarian Gailutė Kligytė. 
  • 10:15 - Parents and students meet the teacher in "class groups" outside.  
  • 10:40 - Teachers and students go to their classroom, parents stay for the first parent meeting. Please make sure that at least one parent stay for the meeting.  
  • 11:45 - School picture, end of the day. 

Re. Covid 19 situation:

09/18 - all wear masks, even outside, due to a large crowd. 

Starting 9/25: 

  • all wear masks when inside the school building;
  • mask breaks will be taken during classes;
  • masks are not required when outside;
  • all sanitize hands often; 
  • new rules for the lunch recess, smaller groups, taking turns;
  • no parents allowed into the school during class time, except parent - monitors. 
  • new drop-off and dismissal procedures, grade groups assigned to a designated door; 
  • in case of Covid detection within a family, please inform the school ASAP;
  • in case of Covid in the family, please stay home for at least 10 calendar days;
  • more information will be provided on 9/18.

Meet important people: 

  • Giedrius Švenčionis, the Head of the Board of Directors - expect a letter from him regarding changes in administration, parent-monitors, and parent committee.  
  • Ramunė Keegan, Administrative Director ( - ask, registrations, contacts, etc.  
  • Kristina Coleman, Treasurer ( - ask re. tuition and finances. 

Toddler group/Pipirai (teacher. Dana Vainauskienė) ir Adult learners (teacher. Irena Šebedienė) - scheduling and other details will be provided separately.  

Thank you all again! Happy September! Let our smiles shine through the masks!

 Yours kindly,
Gaila Narkevičienė
BLS Academic Director